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Edit Your Movie
When you have clearly visualized and felt the new ideal behavior that you would prefer to express at the nextfilm clip opportunity, discard the old piece of that movie, the part you don’t like. Throw it on your cutting room floor, put it in the trash.

If you’ve learned the lesson of that unpleasant film clip, benefit by it and throw it away. You don’t need it anymore. You’ve been willing to learn from it. You’ve studied it. You faced the pangs of conscience, or fear or doubt. You have learned. You’ve done your part.

You may also, at this point, clearly see what you can do to make amends, or to whom you should apologize on the morrow.

Now, go on with your movie. Let the film roll again. As the film rolls, stop it at the good points. Notice them. Clarify them. But also, love yourself enough to stop at the unpleasant points too. You can change them now, here in your easy chair. You can create a more ideal you. You can avoid so much suffering and continual rejection if you will study your life.

When you become an expert at this practice you can...

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