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Keep At It
When you become an expert at this practice you can rapidly accelerate your opportunities for success. Instead of dragging through life, learning only from trial and error, you can easily redirect your consciousness in a short time by becoming more conscious and aware. You can enrich every other area of your life. Furthermore, youll become a more thoughtful person. You wont forget the good parts of your day, nor the good done you by others so constantly.

The question may occur, "What if I, in the safety of my easy chair, create a new section in my film clip a new way that Id ideally wish to behave but then I go out into that situation again in a few days only to find I fall back on my same old ways, ways I disapprove of, ways I thought I had conquered?"

Dont be discouraged. Keep in mind that as you do this practice you are truly changing your tendencies. Remember how powerful tendencies are? When you find that one period in introspection had not changed an old, deeply ingrained habit, simply determine to keep up the practice one day at a time, until this new state of being becomes your tendency, becomes your habit.

You will be amazed by the benefits...

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