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Introspection — Second Week
Now, as you sit in self-study each evening, strive to move the film clip of your day smoothly and fluently. Strive to see your entire day from early morning to the present time within five to seven minutes! You do have the ability. It is possible. You can recall vividly, and in detail, as you view an eighteen to twenty-four hour period. Mental time is different from physical time. You’ll be amazed that you can, through practice, develop the capacity to see a continuous sequence of your day rolling easily from one event to another. You can observe the play of your thoughts as well as the events of your activities in the outer world. Let the continuous sequence of your day pleasantly, and sometimes unpleasantly, roll past your attention. Many insights and much contentment start to occur as you develop this ability to observe yourself in a calm, objective way.

Practice this condensed, daily movie each day for a week, or take longer if you wish.

Some people have difficulty visualizing but it is still possible to practice introspection by recalling the feelings, thoughts, the sounds of your day. Recall your words and conversations. Remember the nonsense sounds, the machinery, all the sounds of bustle and activity in their sequence. Recalling your day in a non-visual way will give you the same benefits as if you were keenly visualizing the picture movie.

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